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Natural Disasters

As predicted in 1997, emission in the atmosphere from gas Freon has led to sharp rise in global warming. Sharp increases of ozone clouds in Europe caused strengthening of acts of nature and, even an increase of earthquakes. Fast thawing ices in the Antarctic has occurred and is highly abnormal. Arctic regions and Greenland became a reason of concern as catastrophic earthquakes in December 2004 and 2005 and also in 1998,2002, 2003 were the warmest years in history of mankind.

It is supposed that 2005 and 2004 in Russia became one of 3 warmest years for a millennium, in the beginning of December in Australia the temperature reached 38-40 degrees. For the first time in 11 thousand years glaciers and the snows covering top Kilimanjaro practically have completely thawed. Scientists predict that it should occur by 2020. The temperature on the Antarctic peninsula have on the average increased by 2,5 degrees and has led to abnormally fast thawing of ices. Reuters Barnett from institute of Oceanography Scripps (USA)says for last 15 years it has raised 2 degrees and Italian Scientific oenologists agree that the temperature of a surface of water of the Mediterranean pool rises annually at 75 degrees while the surface of other seas and oceans heats up for the same period on 15 degrees.

Reduction of oxygen in the top 100-600 meters of water on 10-15, including in the top layer of northern part of Pacific ocean on 15 to 20 years( from the beginning of 80th years) if to conduct calculations according to dependence of solubility on temperature, specifies heating of water more than 4 degrees!! A rise in temperature of an atmosphere on the average on 0, 5 degrees and decrease in temperature of an ozone cloud of 1 degree proves infringement of the global mechanism of stabilization of a climate on the planet. Rise in temperature of water, heating of tributaries and bogs, thawing of ice conducts to growth of allocation of carbonic gas in an atmosphere so rates of growth of concentration Co2 last years on Hawaii have essentially grown Because of an exhaustion of an ozone cloud, first of all, on poles, ices quickly thaw, the Earth loses the "accumulators of cold. It also became the UNIQUE reason in the strengthening of earthquakes as shelf ices of Greenland and Antarctica at rotation of the Earth from huge "dumbbells".

Fast thawing ice is abnormal and conducts to displacement of an axis of rotation of the Earth and earthquakes. December earthquake 2004 has appeared three times more powerfully, than it was supposed to (length of area of break of an earth's crust on border of the Indian and Burmese plates, on new data, is equal 1200km) boulders in length in 1,5 km moved on a bottom with a speed of 160 km to an hour. In Patagonia (Chile) glaciers also promptly thaw, and glaciers in Alaska, according to glaciologists of the USA, bring the basic contribution to increase of a level of World Ocean. The Unique Reason of Strengthening of Earthquakes, thus, became fast rates of warming and thawing of ices of Antarctic, Greenland, Arctic regions. The analysis has shown that from 20 catastrophic earthquakes for the last 100 years. 10(50!!) there were in the last 3 cycles high solar act in 1976, on 1-in 1988, 1990 and 5-with 1998 for 2004 thus of 5 catastrophic earthquakes (25) have occurred in December when the Earth is as much as possible approached to the Sun.

We shall emphasize, that 5 catastrophic earthquakes have occurred for last 6 years, frequency of earthquakes with a lot of victims last years has increased 4 times.

Proceeding from it and that last catastrophic earthquakes have occurred during one the Earth the Sun, in 2005 similar earthquake can already repeat.

Besides, seismic activity on Hawaii, Kamchatka and in Japan has essentially grown.

"The God of death has not created" - natural processes, also as well as the anthropogenesis activity of the person which has been not connected with war, cannot cause strengthening of acts of nature.

Freon destroys ozone in the bottom layers of the atmosphere which became the reason for the increase in its concentration on cities. Flights of planes in an ozone cloud and programs of "star wars" start of shuttles and solid- propellant missiles. The termination of military actions and flights of planes in a stratosphere, measures of restoration of an ozone cloud, liquidation of consequences of accidents, struggle against famine, introduction energy saving technologies.