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Heavy Equipment

We understand how important it is from a Safety and Productivity standpoint that your operators have clean cool dust free air to breath as they are most times in the direct sunlight for many hours at a time. The machines they operate stir up an enormous amount of dust which clogs the filters of the cab making the cooling/Heating and ventilation system ineffective. Operators have no other choice but to open cab doors for air in effect allowing in more dust to clog cab filters so from a Safety standpoint these systems must be maintained for proper Flow. We can repair any system you have for less than anyone and also install air conditioning where there is none in most any piece of equipment. Your operators will have less sick days and be much more productive on your job sites when you allow AC on Wheels Inc. to create safer cab to work in, after all if they are not in the cab they are not working....We provide all documentation you will need to stay in compliance with the many agencies that govern your operations. Safety is Paramount in every job we do so all employees will wear protective clothing, have daily meetings to discuss concerns and progress and all are fully insured before starting on your job sites.